Landscape Ecology Research Unit rooms are situated on the 3rd floor of Collegium Geographicum building at B. Krygowski 10 street, Poznań. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, telephone or just visit us during our stand-by duties. For more details please see the table below.

Name and surname, titleStand-by dutiesRmTel. no.E-mail address
Andrzej Macias Prof.
(head of the unit)
Friday 9:00-10:00 322+48618296241macias@amu.edu.pl
Sylwia Bródka PhDThursday 11:30-13:00320+48618296240brodka@amu.edu.pl
Marta Kubacka PhDThursday 11:00-12:30321+48618296243marta.kubacka@amu.edu.pl
Dariusz Lorek PhDMonday 11:30-13:00329+48618296249kubal@amu.edu.pl
Witold Piniarski PhD Eng.Monday 13:00-14:30333+48618296319witold.piniarski@amu.edu.pl